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Freyja's Man

On Being Vanatru: One Eccentric Perspective

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I am a solitary male shamanic witch wed to Freyja and dedicated to Freyr. In other words, I am Vanatru. However, being Vanatru does not mean that I am a (Neo)Heathen. I am not a (Neo)Heathen nor am I of the Northern Shamanic Tradition or any other group. I am in no one's herd and no one follows me. I practice as a solitary eclectic and use various methods of divination and energy work, with an emphasis on sacred sexuality and sex magic.

My journal is one place that I share my opinions, thoughts, feelings and experiences as I continue to learn. Both friends and foes are welcomed to comment. In fact, I learn more from my foes than my friends.

My Bachelor's degree was in classical music and my Master's in Divinity. I've been providing spiritual care and counseling for almost thirty years now. For the last four years I have worked as a hospice professional and love my job. I look forward to going to work everyday.

I live in the shadow of Death everyday. Doing so energizes me to live my life fully, especially in relation to the other two mysteries of life: sex and birth. These three: sex, birth and death are of great interest to me.

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